Stormwater Management

After stormwater flows across lawns, down driveways and streets, and into storm drains in Upper Providence Township, it eventually makes its way into the Schuylkill Canal, the Schuylkill River, the Perkiomen Creek, and other waterways used for drinking, swimming, and fishing. Before entering our water supply, stormwater picks up dirt, debris, and chemicals.

Here are some ways residents can protect our water supply by helping reduce the contaminants in our stormwater:
  • Use the Waste System Authority of Eastern Montgomery County’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program to dispose of hazardous household substances, such as used motor oil, cleaning supplies, and paint.
  • Use pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides properly to prevent excess runoff.
  • Pick up after pets and dispose of their waste properly. If left in your yard or at the park, pet waste can be carried into the storm sewer system or a stream by stormwater runoff.
  • Instead of washing your car in your driveway, take it to a commercial car wash, where the water is treated and recycled.
  • Plant drought-tolerant, native plants and grasses in your garden. They often require less water, fertilizer, and pesticides.

Protect Our Waterways

Updated state and federal guidelines no longer recommend flushing stormwater into the nearest waterway or detention basin. Read10 Things You Can Do to Protect Our Waterways (PDF)