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Weather emergencies can be unpredictable and develop rapidly. The UPT Weather Hub helps by providing localized information for our area, but each of us must make decisions to ensure our own safety. When a weather emergency occurs, remember these safety tips.

  • Turn Around, Don't Drown! When water covers a roadway, turn around. Six inches of moving water can knock an adult off their feet, and twelve inches can carry away a car. Never drive around barricades or Road Closed signs. It is better to move to higher ground before the flood than wait to be rescued.
  • Heed Warnings and Watches. The National Weather Service will issue a Warning when severe weather of flooding is currently occurring or is imminent. Don't wait to take action- follow the advice of the Warning. Watches mean that severe weather is probable in the area. Warnings and Watches can be issued for Flash Flooding, Tornadoes, Severe Thunderstorms, and more.
  • Make a Plan and Build a Kit. Depending on the emergency, you may need to evacuate, or you may need to shelter in place. Make a plan now for what you will do and build an emergency kit. Check out www.ready.gov for tips and advice.
  • Purchase Flood Insurance. Homeowner's and Renter's Insurance policies do not cover damage from flooding. Go to www.floodsmart.gov to learn more about flood insurance.
  • Sign Up for Notifications. Sign up for emergency alerts at www.montcopa.org/3311/ReadyMontco
  • Notify Office of Emergency Management. If you will need extra help in an emergency due to disabilities, access, or functional needs, please let us know here. 


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Flood Gauges

Snow Emergency Routes

Upper Providence Township Code 169-56 designates the following streets as Snow Emergency Routes. When a Snow Emergency is declared, no vehicles may be parked on these routes, and vehicles using these routes must have snow tires or chains.

Name of StreetLocation
Arcola RoadEntire Length
Bechtel RoadEntire Length
Black Rock RoadEntire Length
Cider Mill RoadEntire Length
Egypt RoadEntire Length
Fifth AvenueFrom Royersford Borough Line to Vaughn Road
Gay StreetEntire Length
Green Tree RoadEntire Length
Gumbes RoadEntire Length
Lewis RoadEntire Length
Longford RoadEntire Length
Mennonite RoadFrom Yeager Road to Arcola Road
Port Providence RoadEntire Length
Ridge Pike/Main StreetEntire Length
Rittenhouse RoadEntire Length
Route 29Entire Length
Route 113Entire Length
Second AvenueEntire Length
Township Line RoadEntire Length