Emergency Medical Services

EMS in Upper Providence Township: 

Upper Providence Township is served by three independent EMS agencies, Trappe Fire Company Ambulance, Lower Providence EMS, and Friendship Ambulance.  Each organization receives an annual financial contribution from Upper Providence Township to help offset operating costs.  Ambulance organizations are expensive to operate, and often, billing for services does not cover operating costs.  We encourage you to support your local ambulance organization through their annual subscription drives. 

After an extensive review of EMS coverage in the Township, Upper Providence officials recognized the need for an ambulance within municipal boundaries.  The Township solicited proposals from several local EMS organizations to fill this need, ultimately selecting Friendship Ambulance as the provider.  Beginning in Summer 2022, Friendship Ambulance has stationed an Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance at our new centrally located fire station at 1315 Black Rock Road.  In making this change, we reexamined primary coverage areas for the entire Township, and adjusted them accordingly to ensure the closest ambulance is always dispatched to medical emergencies.  The current coverage areas can be found below. 

In addition to the EMS organizations that serve the Township, all of the DFES firefighters are also certified as EMTs.  On critical medical emergencies, and when the primary ambulance is unavailable, our firefighters respond to the scene to begin patient care prior to the ambulance arriving.

Upper Providence Township is committed to providing the highest quality emergency services to our residents and visitors.  Many improvements have been made to service delivery in recent years and as the Township continues to grow, we maintain that commitment through ongoing reevaluation of the community’s needs. 

EMS Coverage Map

EMS Areas 2022-08

Local EMS Organizations