Fire and Emergency Services

Department of Fire & Emergency Services

The Upper Providence Township Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) serves the Township 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a combination fire department made up of a blend of municipal career firefighters and volunteer firefighters. Three EMS agencies provide emergency medical response in the Township and are supported by a quick response (QRS) service from the DFES. 

As our service delivery model continues to evolve, the DFES completed an operational consolidation with the Black Rock Volunteer Fire Company in 2021. Highlights of this consolidation include the joining of each department under one station number (Station 68), establishing an operational chain of command with one township fire chief and an operations chief to oversee the Black Rock station, consolidation of certain operating expenses under the DFES (Township) budget, and an increase in funding to expand the current overnight stipend staffing program in place at Black Rock.

The Fire Chief, along with the Deputy Chief, oversee Operations, Training and Community Risk Reduction. The Deputy Chief serves a dual role as the Township Fire Marshal and is assisted by a Deputy Fire Marshal. A full-time Director of Emergency Management is responsible for all emergency management activities for Upper Providence and Trappe Borough. The department staffs a career engine seven days a week 24-hours a day. Friendship Ambulance also staffs an advanced life support EMS unit at the station.

The DFES is augmented by volunteer response from the Black Rock station on Greentree Road in the Oaks section of the Township as well as Trappe Fire Company, Collegeville Fire Company, and Royersford Fire Department.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Upper Providence Township Department of Fire and Emergency Services is to protect lives and property and preserve the quality of life for present and future generations through community interaction, education, compassionate service, and an atmosphere that encourages innovation, cooperation, and diversity.  


We strive to be a premier emergency services organization through continuous improvement and exceeding our dynamic community’s expectations by understanding its needs. 

Core Values

Service above self
Professionalism in skills, attitude, approach and appearance
Pride in leading by example, in our own health and wellness, and in our desire to excel
Compassion for the community through kindness and empathy
Integrity to build a foundation of trust, respect, and accountability
Teamwork to get the job done through unity and cooperation
Respect for each other, for our customers and for our service
Diversity in support of the uniqueness of our community and the talents of our personnel, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic origin

Diversity Position Statement

Diversity is not a program or policy; it is an attitude and a mindset that forms the basis for our existence as a service and as a vital part of our community.  Diversity recognizes that we are much more than our individual strengths and character—that each of us bring unique talents and experiences to our organization and these individual talents and experiences come together to make us stronger as a team than we could ever be individually.   

The Upper Providence Township Department of Fire and Emergency Services shall strive to maintain a diverse workforce. We shall recruit members from all walks of life who have one thing in common—to serve our community as compassionately, respectfully and professionally as possible. We shall set the example in promoting inclusion, equality, and respect. Each of us shall move forward with the knowledge that our people are our greatest asset and that in the end, we are the most influential factor in defining our purpose and determining our success.

Our executive team is personally committed to ensuring our that our department fosters an environment that values and embraces the contributions and potential of every member of our workforce. Our core values of Service, Professionalism, Pride, Compassion, Integrity, Teamwork, Respect and Diversity are key to our individual and collective success. We shall live and abide by them every day, keeping in mind the high standard to which we are all held, whether in uniform or not.

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