Multifamily Residences


Owners, landlords, or agents of multifamily residential housing properties with four or more units or the residents of such multifamily residential properties acting by and through a duly constituted homeowners association shall comply with their responsibilities under the Township Code Chapter 148 by establishing a collection system for recyclable materials at each property and pickup by a contracted waste/recycling hauler.

A collection system must include suitable containers for collecting and sorting materials, easily accessible locations for the containers, and written instructions to the occupants or residents concerning the use and availability of the collection system. In addition, such owners, landlords, agents, and homeowners associations shall annually provide written documentation and certification to Upper Providence
Township Recycling Administrator, Hough Associates, of the total volume of materials and the types of materials recycled. Owners, landlords, agents, and homeowners associations may comply with the reporting requirements here under by requiring their contracted waste/recycling hauler to provide the documentation and certification directly to the township's Recycling Administrator.