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    In an effort to help reduce crime in the community and in our neighborhoods, the Upper Providence Township Police Department has implemented a “Crime Tips” initiative. If you witness any criminal activity, we encourage you to report it immediately by doing one of the following:
    - Call 911 for Life Threatening Emergencies
    - Call 610-489-9332 (24-hour Dispatch)
    We also recommend that you store these numbers into your mobile phone for easy access in case of an emergency.

    Forms can be submitted electronically in the fields below.

    Please use this form to report past, present, or ongoing criminal activity, suspicious incidents or patterns of behavior. Reporting can be anonymous; therefore, including your name, phone number, or e-mail address information is optional.

    Individuals who do include contact information can also specify a preferred method of contact in the comments. We appreciate the information you provide.
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    The information you submit is confidential. This form can be used to report a crime or in assisting police with ongoing unsolved cases.
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