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  1. Community Fall Festival Vendor Form 2023
  2. Right to Know Request Form Submittal
  1. I do not receive my Township Newsletter in the mail, sign my household up!
  2. Township Newsletter Feedback

    UPT Township is interested in your feedback of our quarterly newsletter. Let us know what information you would link covered.


  1. Pet of the Month

    Pet of the Month Form

Police - Online Crime Tip Form

  1. Crime Tip Form
  1. Security Camera Registration

    The goal of the Camera Registry program is to deter crime and promote public safety through collaboration between the Township of Upper... More…

The Wall That Heals

  1. Educational | Group Tour Sign Up Form

    Group tour sign ups for The Wall That Heals

  1. Sponsorship Opportunities

    Let us know how you or your business would like to sponsor The Wall That Heals coming to Upper Providence Township